After sincere thought and consideration, we've decided to set our sights on new goals and are closing North City Growlers.

I started North City Growlers in 2014 hoping to have an outlet for creative juices. It grew bigger and faster than I could have imagined, but has also been immensely fun. We've designed beer growlers, oak barrels and other cool products and shipped them across the globe.

One of the downsides of owning a successful side hustle over and above a regular (and busy) career is the time and it takes and how that impacts quality time with my precious family. Ultimately, that is the reason to close North City Growlers.

I want to thank everyone for their continued support. Thank you to my customers! I hope you continue to enjoy and share many years of delicious and cold craft beer.

I also want to thank all the local vendors and makers in and around Winnipeg. I have met some amazing makers throughout the last several years. It has been an incredible experience to see the innovative products being created.

Finally, I want to thank my wife. North City Growlers would not have been anywhere near as successful if she hadn't been by my side. She was my Marketing Guru, extra help during busy times, my most valuable critic and my biggest supporter. More importantly, she took on an immense amount of responsibility for our family while I pursued this dream and I will be forever grateful.

I hope I can fire up the creative wagon and rejoin the small business world when life allows more time. My brain never stops generating ideas. For now this is farewell and cheers!