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Bottle caps are like breadcrumbs - they're little reminders of a time when you were enjoying a beer with pals, sitting at the lake or celebrating a promotion. Drink yourself across our beautiful nation and keep a trail of your beer conquests.

Note: The Canada Cap Map is currently on back order as we create more. We are scheduled to ship out orders in July and will keep you posted with an updated date when we can.

This bottle cap map is cut from high quality Baltic birch and includes multiple holes precision cut to fit most bottle cap. It is hand stained and finished to help protect the piece for decades. Each Cap Map also comes with simple hardware to hang on the wall. All you need is a small finishing nail. The Cap Maps are light enough that the nail can go straight into drywall (no stud required). 

The Cap Map is great for birthdays, anniversaries or just a special gift for that beer lover in your family. Each piece of wood is slightly different than the one pictured. This ensures that your Cap Map is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Finally, there's a place to put your bottle cap collection! Pull the collection out of your junk drawer and display them proudly!

This Canada Cap Map measures 28" across and 18" tall. We use 1/4" thick baltic birch for all Cap Maps to ensure rigidity and a piece that will last for generations. 


 Canada Cap Maps