The Biker - Leather Growler Carrier

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You need your hands free and clear to steer your single speed down that dedicated bike path after visiting your local craft brewery. Why complicate things with a growler in your backpack? Throw your growler in this sweet leather carrier and ride with confidence. 

The carrier is made with high quality veg tanned leather and mounts to virtually any seat using the rear seat rails. Two included Chicago (of the North) screws keep the carrier securely fastened to your bike as you navigate traffic. 

Ready for a fill? Simply unbuckle the trap around the neck of your growler and slide the growler out. Pop inside, grab some water, chat with your local brewer while he's filling your growler, admire the beards around the brewery and then head off. Simply slide the growler back in the carrier, buckle the strap and peddle off.

Made from the highest quality leather sourced and tanned in the USA. Hand crafted in the USA by Pedal Happy Design.

This carrier matches perfectly with any of our standard 64oz glass growlers.

Enjoy the ride and please bike responsibly.