CO2 Beer Dispenser Instructions

North City Growlers offers two types of CO2 Dispensers. The Growler Tapping CO2 Kit is our best seller and the instructions for installing and using this system are below. We also carry our Real Spear CO2 System that looks like a real brewery tap and attaches easily to your Kegger or Tall Kegger. Instructions for the Real Spear Kit can be found here

Instructions for the Growler Tapping CO2 Kit

The CO2 beer dispenser is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It is also very easy to install on The Kegger or The Tall Kegger. We have put together some simple instructions. If you have any questions or issues while trying to assemble your dispenser, please contact us

How to Assemble and Install the Dispenser

Ensure you have all the parts required as shown in the picture (from left to right).

  • Longer rubber tubing piece
  • Shorter rubber tubing piece
  • 16g threaded CO2 cartridge (food and beverage grade)
  • Black cap (with brass thread)
  • Tap handle
  • Hose clamp (x2)
  • CO2 regulator
  • The Kegger growler
  • Stainless steel cap (not required)
Ensure the nozzle on the underside of the black cap is screwed in tightly.
Ensure the trigger handle on the tap handle is screwed in tightly (you can see the little notches in the picture to the right).
Insert the shorter rubber tubing piece into the nozzle on the underside of the black cap.
Insert the other end of the rubber tubing into the growler and screw the cap tightly. Make sure the rubber tubing reaches the bottom of the growler (to get every last drop of delicious beer).
Slide the hose clamps over each end of the longer rubber tubing piece.
Slide one end of the rubber tube over the nozzle on the side of the black cap and tighten the hose clamp with a screw driver.
Slide the other end of the rubber hose over the nozzle on the tap handle and tighten the hose clamp with a screw driver.
Turn the CO2 regulator to the off position (counter-clockwise). 
Screw the CO2 regulator onto the brass thread on the top of the black cap.
Screw in a 16g threaded CO2 canister to the CO2 regulator.
BOOM! You're set! No go forth and pour, my friend!


How to Use your CO2 Dispenser

    1. Ensure the CO2 regulator is off (counter clockwise).
    2. After filling your growler with beer, feed the rubber tube into the growler and screw in the black cap to the top of the mini keg growler.
    3. Slowly turn the CO2 regulator on (turn clockwise) until the pointer is around 5 PSI and wait for a minute or two.
    4. Slowly push down on the tap handle to dispense beer. Adjust PSI is required to maintain a steady flow of beer. The suggested range is between 5 and 10 PSI.
    5. You can turn the CO2 regulator off when storing your growler in the fridge. The airtight system will maintain the pressure and keep the beer from going flat for quite some time (although, do you really let beer sit in your fridge for long anyways?).
    6. Enjoy!

Beer Dispenser FAQ

What PSI should I set the CO2 regulator to?
Different beer require different PSI settings. Experiment and adjust as you go along. We always suggest starting at the lower end and adjusting higher if needed. Start with 5 PSI and go from there.

How long will the CO2 canister last?
That depends on a number of factors, but it will typically last for three to five 64oz growler fills.

What type of CO2 canisters do I use?
The unit takes 16g threaded CO2 canisters.

Where do I find 16g threaded CO2 canisters?
Many stores carry them, but you can easily find them at Walmart, many bicycle shops, most outdoor oriented stores (REI, Cabela's, etc) and

Can I store beer in the growler while pressurized? 
Heck yes! Simply charge the system to a pressure of about 6 PSI (or whatever PSI you've found works best for your beer), turn the regulator off and store in the fridge. It will stay carbonated for weeks and weeks.

I'm finished the beer but still have CO2 left in my canister. What do I do?
Simply turn the regulator off and unscrew the black lid from the growler (with the regulator and CO2 canister still intact). You can then fill the growler with beer, reinstall the black cap with regulator and CO2 assembly, and charge the system by turning the regulator on.

The CO2 canister ran out but I still have beer in the growler. What do I do?
No worries! Just turn off the regulator, unscrew the CO2 canister from the regulator, screw in a new one and turn the regulator back on.

I've followed the directions but I'm getting foam or no beer?
Fret not! There's usually a simple fix. Ensure that the nozzle on the underside of the black cap is screwed in tightly and that the rubber hose inside the growler is as straight as possible and reaches the bottom of the growler. Also, make sure you're fully opening the dispenser when pouring beer. Finally, try reducing the pressure in the growler because too much pressure = foam foam foam!  Try these solutions and they should solve your problem!

Why does North City Growlers not ship CO2 canisters with my order?
Our shipping company has CO2 canisters on the "do not ship" list. In order to stay in the good graces of our shipping company, we made the decision not to include canisters so that our shipments do not get delayed or seized.

Please contact us if you require additional help or have further questions about your beer dispenser.

Do you have one of our older style CO2 Dispensers? Here are the instructions!

1. Install one of the rubber tubes to the bottom of the black screw cap. Simply push one end of the rubber tube over the outlet and ensure it is snug.

2. Screw the cap onto the top of The Kegger or The Tall Kegger.
3. Slide a clamp (not shown) over each end of the other rubber tube, then install to the outlet on the black screw cap and the dispensing handle. Simply push each end over the outlet. Make sure the rubber tube is pushed as far as it will go. Once it is pushed all the way, push it even more! Now, tighten the clamps at the base of the outlets.
4. Ensure the dispensing lever on the dispenser is turned to the back.
5. Unscrew the yellow canister cover (or grey canister cover), screw in your 16g threaded CO2 canister and reinstall the yellow (or grey) canister cover.
6. Screw the regulator to the top of the black screw cap. Ensure it is screwed in tightly but do not over tighten.

7. To charge your growler with CO2, quickly press down on the round push button on the top of the regulator (or pull the short pull handle on the grey version). A quick, short press is all that is required to start the pressurization.

8. Push down on the dispenser lever to release that beautiful golden elixir. When the pressure reduces and beer slows, simply push down on the round push button (or the pull handle on the grey version) in one short quick burst (step 7) to re-pressurize the growler.

Do not press down on the round push button (or pull handle on the grey version) any more than one single quick burst at a time. Over-pressurizing the system will cause the rubber tubes to blow off the connections which will result in beer fountains (and wasted beer). You aren't supposed to cry over spilled milk, but we'll be damned if tears don't flow from spilled beer.