Real Tapping Dispenser System Instructions

The Real Tapping Dispenser System gives you the feeling you're sitting in your favourite brewpub enjoying delicious craft beer. Made of high quality stainless steel machined parts and 

We have put together some simple instructions. If you have any questions or issues while trying to assemble your dispenser, please contact us



    Parts List: 

    1. Regulator
    2. Tap Handle
    3. Faucet
    4. Spare O-Rings
    5. Tapping Body
    6. Flow Control Cylinder
    7. Tubing
    8. 16g CO2 cartridge (not included)
    Real Tapping Dispenser System Parts

    How to Assemble and Install the Dispenser

    Preparation Steps

      Clean all the Real Tapping Dispenser System parts with warm water and a very mild soap. Rinse your mini keg with hot water. When you think you've got it rinsed, rinse again! Soap isn't a friend of beer. Once rinsed properly, let all parts dry completely.
      Ensure the nut on the bottom of the tapping body is tightened sufficiently.
      Ensure the nut on the side of the main tapping body is tightened.

      Measure the rubber tubing from the bottom of the kegger to the top and add 1 - 2" to ensure the tubing will sit at the very bottom of the kegger (to get every last drop of delicious craft beer). 

      Installing Tapping System

      Insert flow control cylinder into the cross bar of the tapping body.

      Line up the faucet into the grooves at the end of the cross bar of the tapping body. Tighten the faucet.

      Note - ensure the faucet is lined up with the grooves and is tightened sufficiently. 

      Attach the tap handle to the faucet.
      Insert one end of the tubing to the nozzle on the underside of the tapping body.
      Feed the other end of the tubing inside the kegger and screw on the tapping body as tight as possible.
      Turn the regulator to the off position (counter-clockwise).
      Connect the regulator to the tapping body.
      Screw in a new CO2 cartridge. You will hear a short air leak sound as the seal on the CO2 cartridge is punctured. This is normal. Keep turning until the cartridge is firmly screwed in.


      How to Use your CO2 Dispenser

        1. Pull on the pressure relieving valve on the side of the tapping body for 2 or 3 seconds. This will dissipate any additional pressure inside the growler.
        2. Slowly turn the regulator clockwise until the gauge measures 5 PSI. 
        3. Wait for 2 seconds and then turn off the regulator (counter-clockwise).
        4. Pull on the pressure relieving valve on the tapping body for another 2 or 3 seconds. This adjusts the pressure inside the kegger.
        5. Slowly turn the regulator back on until the gauge measures between 5 and 8 PSI.
        6. Pull the tap handle forward and dispense beer like a BOSS!
        7. When you're done, turn the regulator off (counter-clockwise) and store your growler. 
        8. Ensure you relieve the pressure in the kegger growler before removing the tapping body from the growler. To this by pulling on the pressure relieving valve for 2 or 3 seconds. 

      Beer Dispenser FAQ

      What PSI should I set the CO2 regulator at?
      Different beer require different PSI settings. Experiment and adjust as you go along. We always suggest starting at the lower end and adjusting higher if needed. Start with 5 PSI and go from there.

      How long will the CO2 canister last?
      That depends on a number of factors, but it will typically last for two or three 128 oz fills.

      What type of CO2 canisters do I use?
      The unit takes 16g threaded CO2 canisters. You can also use 25g threaded CO2 canisters.

      Where do I find 16g threaded CO2 canisters?
      Many stores carry them, but you can easily find them at Walmart, many bicycle shops, most outdoor oriented stores (REI, Cabela's, etc) and

      Why does North City Growlers not ship CO2 canisters with my order?
      Our shipping company has CO2 canisters on the "do not ship" list. In order to stay in the good graces of our shipping company, we made the decision not to include canisters so that our shipments do not get delayed or seized.

      I've followed the directions but I'm getting foam or no beer?
      Fret not! There's usually a simple fix. Ensure that the nozzle on the underside of the tapping body is screwed in tightly and that the rubber hose inside the growler is as straight as possible and reaches the bottom of the growler. Also, check the nuts on the underside of the tapping body and the one connecting the tapping body to the tube for the regulator. That should solve your problem!

      Please contact us if you require additional help or have further questions about your beer dispenser.