The Vancity Biker - Leather Growler Carrier

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Is there a cyclist out there that doesn't love craft beer? We thought not!

Biking your growler home from the brewery just got much easier with this handmade leather bike growler holder. Each holder is handmade by Georgia Fisher Design on the west coast using durable, high-quality, chrome oil tanned cow leather.

Carrying a growler on your bike while riding is not for amateurs! The Biker leather growler carrier lets you transport your precious craft beer easily while jammin' home! The cow leather develops a natural patina on the surface over time from your hand's natural oils, moisture (beer moisture is the best) and heat which add character to the product as it ages. The edges are left raw which provides a rustic, natural look. Scratches and scuffs will come with natural use, and will rub away over time.

Strap the holder on to the top bar of your bike frame, slide the growler in, and pedal off! These growler holders fit your standard 64 oz. growler and make transporting your fresh beer a breeze. 

This carrier matches perfectly with any of our standard 64oz glass growlers.

Enjoy the ride and please bike responsibly.