3L Oak Barrel with Stand, Spigot and Bung

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Enhancing the Beer, Tequila, Whiskey and Wine of the World one White Oak Barrel at a Time

American white oak barrel to age and mature liquor, wine or beer. Great for a gift for the person in your life that loves a good drink. 

The barrels are made with American white oak for the tequila trade but they work for all other types of spirits which lend themselves to aging in white oak.

Smaller barrels provide each litre of spirits with a great deal more oak character than a larger barrel due to the ratio of surface area to wine volume. Because of this the same degree of flavor change may be observed in a far shorter period of time, perhaps only a few weeks. Spirits in a small barrel requires constant monitoring to ensure it does not become over oaked. All new barrels need to be cured before the first batch is poured in. It is a simple but very important process.

Some potential uses: 

- Age a bottle of Crown Royal and get the taste of a bottle of Crown Reserve
- Age a cheap bottle of wine and get a more robust, full bodied wine that tastes more expensive
- Impart deep flavors into homemade ciders, pickles, maple syrup and hot sauce
- Smooth out the taste of budget tequila and get the flavors similar to Patron or other high-end tequila
- impart more flavor into vanilla extract, red wine vinegar and olive oil
- Mix cocktails, age them for a week or two to impart deep flavors, and serve at a party right from the barrel

You can age almost any liquor or spirit (Whiskey, rum, rye, bourbon, scotch, tequila, vodka, gin, cognac, brandy, beer, wine, port, etc).


- 3 litre (101.4 oz) capacity
- Char: kegs are charred on the inside to medium+
- Wood: Made from american white oak 
- Includes: barrel, stand, spigot, bung and easy to follow instructions
- 6" in diameter, 8 1/2 in length

A note about the hoops: We have recently starting shipping all our barrels with steel hoops rather than black hoops. The black hoops were rusting and weren't as strong as steel hoops. Please be aware that your barrel will have steel hoops. We will be updating our website pictures as soon as possible.